Since 2018, Shayfer's music has seen incredible exponential growth.

Streams per year:  + 1174% 
Listeners per year: + 1722%
Worldwide reach:  +52% (30 countries)



(Shayfer's) music provides a unique blend of charming unconventionality; bright pop melodies are interwoven with gothic-tinged lyrics and emotive vocals, all delivered with a splash of whiskey humor, smart quip, and air of dark charm.” - John Pfeiffer

The Aquarian (2019)

With the release of Hope and a Hand Grenade earlier this year, Shayfer James proved himself to be a songwriting tour de force. Between understated ballads, gothic-influenced rock, and a blues strut, the multi-sided singer-songwriter has begun turning heads en masse in recent months, donating song revenue to the York Street Project, ACLU, and the Yellowhammer Fund along the way.” - Jonathan Fraham

Popmatters (2019)

Shayfer James has this natural gift of bringing warmth with his music, giving listeners an experience that sticks with them even after the music stops. The vulnerability James employs is noteworthy, and something that allows him to better connect with audiences, giving him an edge over other musicians in his space. ” - ADRIAN VARGAS

Atwood Magazine (2019)

Shayfer James swaggers on a unique path of his own, with a dark charm that turns heads.” - Michael Therkelsen

Horror Society (2019)