NEW EP: Americanachronism, January 2021

I'm pleased to announce that beginning January 8th 2021, I'll be releasing my new EP Americanachronism one song at a time each Friday.

On his new EP Americanachronism, Shayfer James finds fresh playfulness in his trademark gothic imagery and soaring melodic hooks. From the absurd sarcasm of "Good Life" to the post-apocalyptic romance of "The Long Con," James is in top storyteller form. Fan favorites "Screechin' Wheels" and "Pistols & Paces" showcase Shayfer’s signature swagger, and rounding out the EP are the cautionary yet hopeful "Worth The Wait" and autobiographical hymn "God Forbids." Americanachronism is a perfect epilogue to Hope and a Hand Grenade (2019—AWAL) and delivers exactly what its title implies: a collection of stories that feel relevant for this moment but also from some other time.